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Stream Processing Essentials with Hazelcast Jet: The World Beyond Batching

30 Oct 2019, Emin Demirci

Batch processing served us well for last 10s of years. Most of developers have a good idea what does it mean to design & implement a batch processing system. However business often requires real-time insight into big data. The talk will walk through basic concepts of stream processing. Then we will discuss the notion of time in a streaming system, aggregations and windowing. We will also touch some of the operational concerns unique to stream processing and complement our understanding with some cool application demonstrations.


Emin Demirci leads the integration efforts of Hazelcast Jet with the outer world. Prior to that, he had get his hands dirty with all the moving parts of the product family of Hazelcast, from implementing new features to creating fancy UIs. Before joining to Hazelcast, Emin did internship at PGS Software and Hazelcast. He holds a BSc. degree in Computer Engineering from Karadeniz Technical University. He is a petrolhead and enjoys playing football (also proud to be a fan of Galatasaray) and cycling.